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Zach Fink

Hey, how's it going!

My name is Zach Fink and I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan.   I have a Computer Science Engineering degree from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!).

I moved out to Los Angeles in 2017 where I focused my career in creating curricula and teaching computer programming in simple, interactive, and understandable ways.

My other passion is for film and television where I also write and act.

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Nano Hovsepyan


My name is Nano. I'm an artist and designer. Do you want to have fun with me in my class learning design?

I've been teaching Graphich Design, Web Design, Video Production and Typography at the The Art institute of California and elsewhere for over 15 years. Come join my classroom and find out how fun design can be!

Fun fact: I'm proud to say that my avatar was created by one of my students. I know you can do it too.

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