Founder's Letter.

Welcome to The CodeUp Club !

CEO Instructor Kobi Levy
Founder and Instructor Kobi Levy

People have asked me, so "Why The CodeUp Club?"

Some background: I have always wanted to be a software developer, both to accomplish a personal goal: to be able to build things -- and as a professional goal: to use as a skill in the business world. A few years ago, I started learning on my own. In time I met others who were interested in learning to code, and we continued to pursue our shared passion for building awesome stuff on the web.

Today, I am a full-stack web‑developer. I find it crazy to say that -- and it's pretty damn awesome!

I love learning, and especially learning all about the new technologies out there to build web-apps.

I didn't do it alone.   I, like many, started off with the hundreds of tutorials you can do online and I used them all: the videos, the articles, the textbooks, the forums, Google-everything,, the REPLs, and even paid for online mentoring. Those are great resources, and are tools that you should definitely use -- but it was a spotty road.

I knew I was looking for community and mentorship. Dedicated mentorship was hard to find, and consistent study partners were elusive. What I was definitely missing, was a clear path to success.

I searched for other self-learners. Slowly a community was formed. I learned what worked for me, what worked for others, and we refined what it takes to get people to code confidently.

From there, The CodeUp Club was born. It is a community of developers, working together, to guide you to become the software developer you aspire to be.

If you put in the effort, you can become a developer, gain a new career skill, and find passion for something you do. Being a Software Engineer is not for everybody, but for those like me, who are captivated by web-development, we'd like to think that The CodeUp Club is the perfect place to start.

I am always available to answer your questions, by email or phone.

I look forward to speaking with you, and moreso, to start programming together!


Founder and Instructor
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